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We at Self Help Geek are open to receiving guest posts on our platform. We get over 3,000 organic page views everyday. So why not go ahead and write up a guest post for us and drive some traffic to your site in return?

If your guest post gets past our editorial team, we'll publish it, linking your website as well. Additionally, if we love your writing style, we might make you an official member of the geek team!

In the past we've received lots of guest posts from a selected number of authors, writers, and people with something to share.

There have been many over the past months - too many to mention - and we value their contribution. You'll find some of their words all around the site.

Sound like a nice life to you? If you can compose beautiful articles that are empowering, informative, and you know your self help niche pretty well, then go ahead and pitch or submit your piece to our Editor in Chief.

Send an email with your writing sample (very important) and take the first step to becoming a Self-help-geek. If you need more info on what our readers love, gently scroll through the site and get a sense of our article styles and categories.

Kindly note that due to the high number of pitches we receive, it might take a day or more for us to get back to you. But also, we strive to get back to writers not more than three (3) days.

Whether or not we decide to accept your pitch, we'll get back to you and tell you what your article is missing. Good luck!


Do you have something amazing to share? Something original? Well, go ahead and pitch us. We publish a few number of paid articles every month, and we may just publish yours. We pay $5 to $20 for paid articles.

However, if you are pitching us for a paid article, your personal website will not be attributed in any way. Your article will become a property of Self Help Geek.

Payment is made upon acceptance of your article and is done via PayPal. If we accept your piece, we will take some time to edit it thoroughly.

You may be asked to provide certain links to back up any claims in your article.

Send in your pitches!

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