Best Netflix Movies To See in 2021 And How To Stream Them

Guest article by The Tech Fools

Netflix sent us a threat earlier in the year: That they were going to release a new movie every week. OMG. How dare they? In all our time here though, this is one threat that we hope they follow through on.

Seeing that the movie streaming giant have more than 70 movies on the 2021 slate – and we have barely 52 weeks in a year – we are surely getting more than that.

Show us a better time to be alive!

But that’s not all. You need to know how to get the best out of Netflix if you would enjoy the year like us. Before that, though, here's the list of our most anticipated Netflix film's of 2021.

1- Red Notice
Netflix knew that this movie was going to be so good that they had to steal it from Universal Studios. At the early stages, this movie was sure to star Hobbs – sorry, Dwayne Johnson – and Gal Gadot in a heist-themed flick. 

Since Netflix bought it, they have also included the fast-paced mouth, humor, and charm of Ryan Reynolds. 

We know that some studios just throw star casts into a bad movie but we have a great feeling about this one.

2- To all the Boys/ Kissing Booth
Love doesn't cost a thing, we know, but not with these movies. They did cost us a tear last time although we would not admit to that in public.

When we saw the first movies in each of these series, we thought that was it. Then, the first installments came and the writers were somehow able to make magic with the storyline.

Now that Netflix is on board with the trilogy for both movies, we cannot wait to see what they come up with this time around.

3- Escape from Spiderhead
If Netflix can’t get the Avengers line-up from Marvel, they would certainly make magic happen with Chris Hemsworth on their own.

They have already done it once with the fast-paced action in Extraction which The Russo Brothers directed. 

We hope that there is a sequel to that movie in the make – as suggested by the scene in the end – but we would have to wait for something concrete there.

While we wait, Netflix has signed Chris onto another action piece – Escape from Spiderhead. Doesn’t the title make your skin crawl with excitement already?

Getting The Most Out Of Your Netflix Subscription

We cannot possibly touch up on all of the movies coming out on Netflix this year as we intend to keep this a short read. There are still more from the likes of Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio and Idris Elba, etc.

So, how do you get the best out of your Netflix subscription so that you enjoy these movies optimally? Fortunately we have created just the list that guides you to such treasure.

Tip 1 – Save More

You can save more on your Netflix subscription when you go for group plans instead of personal plans. Pair up with friends or other family members to purchase higher plans for joint streaming – and you get to pay less per head.

A common concern for most people in these cases is how the algorithm would work for them since they are sharing an account with people who might have different tastes. 

Simply create a profile for each user – and it behaves like a standalone account with its algorithm.

Tip 2 – Save even More

After paying the subscription costs, you still have to contend with data costs. This is what drives most people to avoid streaming as much as they want. Looking for public Wi-Fi networks (more on this later), or abandoning their Netflix account altogether.

Netflix allows you to regulate your data usage in the Settings dashboard. In fact, you don’t need HD quality to enjoy all movies all the time.

So get into your settings dashboard and change your data usage settings today – and you suddenly start paying less for data.

Tip 3 – Stream from Anywhere

Did you know that you might not get all of the new movies and series coming to Netflix this year?

Even though they are right there on the platform, you might not be able to see them. This is due to a neat little feature called geo-blocking.

You might not be able to access Netflix from some countries at all. This becomes a problem when you are living in such countries or simply traveling them at the moment.

Fortunately, you can get rid of the problem when you stream Netflix over a VPN. The best part of this deal is that a VPN also keeps you protected and secured when using a public/ free Wi-Fi network.

Two for the price of one, if you ask us.

Plus, when using a VPN make sure it is from a reliable provider that can unblock Netflix and has numerous servers in the US. Connecting to the US servers gets you most of the Netflix content.

Tip 4- Download Offline

Again, you don’t always need the best internet connection to stream your Netflix content from home. If you know that you have a generally poor network in your home – or could run into poor networks when traveling – download your movies and series for offline viewing.

This way you can leverage a faster internet connection elsewhere to save the desired movies/ shows on your mobile and watch them anytime without buffering.

Even if you had your airplane mode turned on (best for streaming on mobile without notifications interrupting), you still wouldn’t suffer buffering.

And Finally...

Not everything that Netflix puts out catches our fancy. After all some things just come down to taste. But then, we know the makings of a great movie or series when we see one.

Over to you, what movies and shows can you not wait to get your hands on this 2021? Let us know in the comments! 


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