The Best Netflix TV Shows You Should Be Seeing in 2020

Ever since the lockdown, streaming giants such as Netflix, and Disney+ have aired some of the best TV shows. And have gotten a considerable amount of new subscribers who can't seem to get enough of their shows and movies.

A lot of people held streaming service as dear as possible, as for most people it was the only way to keep themselves busy without going crazy from staying indoors.

There have been some new and amazing and TV shows over the past few years, but I have to admit, 2020 brought about new shows, new interesting characters, and new powerful villains.

1- The Umbrella Academy

Not exactly a 2020 series. Season one aired in 2018, while season two aired on July 31st 2020. The Umbrella Academy tells the story of a super dysfunctional family of superheroes that caused the destruction of the world. 

After saving themselves, the siblings try to undo the damage they had done in order to save everyone else.

The show portrays unique characters and brings to screen some new lovable and funny superheroes in ways we've never imagined them. 

The series comes with a thrilling drama, kinetic action sequences, and a killer soundtrack.

If you want a superhero movie where the heroes don't really act like heroes, a series of a dysfunctional family with weird superpowers and weird problems, then the umbrella Academy is for you.

2- Cursed

This series takes you back to the medieval times. The age of Merlin, Author, Morgana, Lancelot, and many other mythical names. 

Cursed is one of those series you would want to see if you miss village setting series such as Legend of the seeker, Merlin, and perhaps Vikings.

The show also combines unique characters that lead the series in the most interesting, and fun way. Cursed is an adventurous tale that will surely keep you glued, at least from the first few episodes. 

The show is centralized on the story of an ancient sword, known as the sword of the first kings.

It holds incredible power, and only makes its wielder more powerful than most. Every King and ruler wants to get their hands on the sword of power, but what if the sword chooses a queen?

Cursed aired in March 2020, and is yet to be renewed for a season two. However, it is most likely to happen.

3- A Million Little Things

Now stepping away from the supernatural and science fiction world. A Million Little Things is one of the best drama series right now. 

The first season aired in 2018, and was a huge success that led to the immediate renewal for a second season.

The show is concentrated on the lives of four best friends. When the happiest, and richest of them commits suicide for no reason, the rest of the group starts to question their friendship and family. 

Do they really know each other as much as they thought they did?

The show also delivers one of the most captivating and thrilling moments for a drama and comedy series. The lovable characters show just how important family is, and how important it is to open up to those we love.

The show is a straightforward drama that doesn't waste time on one character, and the show has no actual protagonist. 

It's centralized on more than one character. A million little things season 3 will air in November 2020.

4- The Boys

Being an Amazon original, many wouldn't expect much from an Amazon superhero series. But guess what, the boys is one of the most crazy series you'll ever see! 

The show centers around real life heroes with supernatural abilities that are equivalent to that of the Justice league we all know.

The heroes portray the powers of the Justice league characters, but using different names. And the most interesting part is that they are not sincerely playing heroes, they're the opposite of heroes. They're doing all the saving for the money and fame.

And when one of them unintentionally kills an innocent girl, the boyfriend is desperate for answers. He will not stop until the so-called superheroes are exposed for who they really are. 

The boys are a team of non supes who committed themselves to going up against the heroes in an all out war.

If you're seeking a crazy superhero series filled with unanticipated action scenes and crazy superpowers, then you should absolutely check this out!

5- Lost In Space

Meet the Robinsons. The smartest families on a spaceship in the journey to inhabit a new planet. 

When an experiment was done and scientists confirmed a new inhabitable planet other than the earth, a number of qualified candidates were selected to go on the mission.

The new planet is called Alpha Centauri. And as the Robinsons make their way to their new home, they encounter unexpected problems along the way. 

Facing new, and unknown creatures, manipulative and dangerous enemies who would do anything to survive.

When the journey to Alpha Centauri becomes a do or die situation, every man and every family must protect themselves. 

And at the same time working together with others to get to their new home. But things changed when the littlest Robinson discovered an alien robot in outer space.

6- Warrior Nun

Arguably one of the most anticipated series on Netflix, and when it finally aired in March 2020, it did not disappoint. 

Warrior Nun tells the story of an ancient source of power known as the Halo. It grants a certain amount of supernatural abilities to its wielder.

And when the Halo picks a dead teenage girl as chosen one, other sisters of the church begin to ask questions. Devils from the underworld come out and try to claim the Halo.

The series centres around female warriors. They are trained in hand to hand combat and skilled in using certain weapons as well.

While many might claim that the show was boring until after a few episodes, it does offer some thrilling action scenes with interesting characters. Warrior Nun has been renewed for a season 2 as well.


There are lots of new shows dropping every week, especially on Netflix. While some of these shows are great, some of them remain awful. The above mentioned shows (if you haven't seen them already), are sure to keep you glued to your screen.

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