The 15 Elements Of Self-improvement

Life is all about growth and development. We grow older as each year goes by, but it's not merely to grow, it's about striving to become better as we grow. The developmental growth in life encompasses anything that has to do with your transformation as an individual.

Being better than you were yesterday, not necessarily wanting to be better than someone else, but you're simply trying to be the best you.

Self-improvement has to do with your advancement and your growth. There is more meaning to life when we strive for development and betterment. If you want to strive to be better as you grow, here are the 15 Elements of Self Improvement.


All of us procrastinate at some point. It's a problem that everyone faces now and then, but if you're committed to doing something, and you put your mind to it, procrastination cannot stand in your way.

Try as much as you can not to put off what you can do today, until a future date. Take action today. Don't put off any outdoor activities, go out and do them immediately. 

Procrastination kills off self-esteem, and it stops you from achieving. Procrastination makes the little things seem hard, and it makes the hard things seem even harder.


The problem a lot of job seekers face today is that they are empty when it comes to having a skillset. Most of them simply have in them what the school system taught them. Your degree and your course of study is not a skill. That is merely book knowledge.

And that is why the unemployment rate is skyrocketing every day. Because a lot of graduates don't have any skill to offer in the market, except their degrees. Learning a skill will make you an independent worker, while conversely, you're striving for your dream job.

The skill you learn doesn't have to be your dream job. But are you going to sit idle and keep waiting for a while collar job? So this is what you need to ask yourself. So learn a skill, learn a high-income skill, a skill you can work remotely, from your comfort zone.


To be focused is to give your complete attention and concentration to whatever it is that you are doing. Whatever route you decide to follow, whatever self-improvement element you chose to do emulate, please give your full attention to achieving it.

Don't do anything with a negative thought, because nothing is going to come easy at first, and it certainly isn't going to come free.


A role model is not your mentor. A role model could be, but not necessarily a celebrity of some sort. They could be a friend, parent, etc. Pick someone that inspires you to be better. 

Someone that inspires you to be more than you are.
You can watch them, study them, read about their early lives. Surely you can't know everything, but you'll learn something. 

Don't try to be exactly like your role model; try to be the first version of yourself. You only need to learn their ways, and then you can find your own way.


There is an acceptable way of doing everything, and knowing these customary behaviours will go a long way to help you socially connect better.


Throughout history, this is like the best time to be alive. Life has never been easier than it is today. Modern technology, the internet, social media, these things have made it very easy for us to learn just about anything we set our mind to.

It's really up to you to take advantage of modem technology, in a way that it does not converse, and take advantage of you instead. 

Learning something new doesn't have to be a skill. You could read a book, start a blog, learn a language, learn new words, know about history, and places.

It all has to do with what and how you choose to use these modern technological advancements.


There is no shame in asking questions. There is no shame in admitting you don't know everything. You're not supposed to know everything; even I don't know everything. If you're in a room where you you're the smartest, then you're in the wrong room.

So ask questions about everything, and anything you don't know, and want to know. When you ask, you know. When you don't ask, it remains unknown to you for life. Do not live a life of ignorance, don't try to know it all. You can't, and you're not supposed to.


Some psychological facts encourage anger now and then. But doing away with anger does not mean you get slapped on one cheek, and you turn the other cheek. No. Doing away with anger means you don't let everything upset you.

It is vital that you learn to remain calm in every situation. Learn to express your displeasure calmly so that you don't push people away from you. In Ryan Holiday's best selling book, "The Obstacle is the way." He elaborates how every obstacle you face is actually leading to your success.

So don't be angry at every vicissitude life throws at you, those ups and downs may just be the right part. Because nothing is easy, nothing is free.


A good Lister makes a better companion. So before you make your input, listen more to what the other person has to say. Paying attention to people doesn't only give you a better understanding of what you are being told, but it gives you time to craft your next words better.

And as the famous saying goes, he who knows does not speak, and he who speaks does not know. Listening to someone else's point of view and observing their words doesn't label them smarter; it makes you smarter.


Even if you're the most social butterfly, you're still going to need your solitude to spend time with YOU. Just take some time away from everything, and sit with yourself. Take a long breath and think about your life and everyone in it.

Think about where you are and where you want to go. Think about how much progress you've made so far. And then ask yourself if your life is going as you planned. 

Time spent alone reflecting will make you appreciate the people, and the things in your life more. Additionally, it can help find your live's purpose.


Life is short, and holding a grudge with someone is only going to make life even shorter. When someone hurts you, don't wait for them to apologize or say they're sorry before you forgive them, forgive them regardless.

Sometimes you can even reach out. It doesn't matter who's fault it is; you have to be the bigger person and make things right. 

Doing so will always make you feel free, happy, and at peace. You get to live life knowing you're cool with everybody, even if some aren't cool with you.


Indeed, reading and seeing movies are both a fun way of learning and knowing more about people, places and even animals. 

Most of us have never travelled out of our respective countries physically, but we have been to hundreds of nations through books and movies.

Remember: you are what you think about. So read, as well as watch movies that are morally entertaining, educating, empowering, and most importantly, you get to learn a thing or two from them.

13- MEET PEOPLE (Socialising) 
The importance of meeting and knowing new people cannot be over emphasized. Meeting new people potentially provides you with new opportunities and gives you more exposure to the outside world. There is no crime to be the first to say "Hello."

The benefits of meeting new people are countless! I know it's easier said than done, but the least you could do is smile, say hello, probably shake hands, and start a conversation.


Surely you're aware that everyone is entitled to their opinion on anything. So do not expect others to agree with just about all of your opinions in all matters.

Don't always try to convince people about matters that are open to different points of views. Instead, simply state your opinion quietly, and without getting upset.


This is probably the number element you should adhere to if you plan on improving yourself. You have to cooperate with the inevitable. You have to know and accept that you and everyone you know or love is going to die one day, and that's it, you cease to exist.

So whatever you do, cooperate with the inevitable. Don't waste time trying to change nature. If nature throws a storm your way, look for shelter, don't try to send back your own storm, because no matter how rich and powerful you become, nature is more powerful.

She has humbled kings, emperors, and ages of civilizations, and buried them underneath the same ground she buried their slaves, and she will humble you too.


Life isn't meant to be enjoyed or to live luxuriously. Life is for us to live, do good, and try to survive and overcome all hardships we stumble upon. 

Everyone is plagued and troubled by one problem or another. Regardless of whether you are rich or poor, tall or short, good looking or not, we all have problems.

Many people consider or attach meaninglessness to their lives not because of their intellectual failure, but because they are yet to discover or develop awareness about their abilities and potentials.

Self-development is a life long process and challenge to everyone. And if you strive to adhere, and follow the 15 Elements of Self Improvement mentioned above, then you have taken a significant step in self-improving yourself for the better.

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