Here's Why Most Fans Of The Umbrella Academy Pick Klaus As Their Favourite Character

Here's Why Most Fans Of The Umbrella Academy Pick Klaus As Their Favourite Character

The Netflix Hit series, Umbrella Academy has been one of the most talked about shows on TV ever since it aired in 2018. Season one introduced the characters and gave us a glimpse of their supernatural abilities, as well as their childhood experiences.

Millions of fans were captivated by the sheer excellence of the drama, and thriller which the characters produced. Each character has their unique, yet dysfunctional personality. But there is one character who somehow manages to steal the spotlight, despite being the most pathetic. That's Klaus!

Here's Why Most Fans Of The Umbrella Academy Pick Klaus As Their Favourite Character

While season one did give Klaus a considerably average amount of screen time, season two gave him even more. Season two allowed the dysfunctional siblings locate themselves trapped in the 1960s, where some of them lived horribly, and some (Klaus) rather enjoyed it.

One of the most talked about characters after the season two finale was Number 4 (Klaus). Klaus was always high in the season one of the show, and he never said anything really meaningful or helpful. However, he was somehow the most active member of the family. And by active, we mean always being everywhere. 

In season 2, being alone in the 1960s without seeing each other, it had an impact on the siblings. Some found new lives, families, and moved on,  Klaus also changed, he was sober for three years, until he started a cult. 

So here are three main reason why people love Klaus:

He's unintentionally funny

Some might disagree, but it's true. Klaus is the funniest character in the series. He's funny even when he doesn't mean to be. 

Being always high, he says a lot of crazy stuff that just doesn't make sense to most people. He gets into unnecessary troubles which always end up with him getting his ass kicked or luckily makes a run for it. 

Some of the funniest scenes in the season 2 of the show was whenever Klaus and his cult were having a discussion. In the 1960s, he formed a cult, and they all see him as some sort of Messiah, and follow him willingly.

Even after he was forced to tell them he was a fraud, which he did, his followers claimed to be frauds as well, and continued to follow him. 

He never really takes anything serious 

Most would say the serious one in the family was either Number 5 or Luther. And they would be right. But talk about unseriousness, Klaus would top the list. 

Most people wouldn't blame him due to the sort of ability he has. I mean, talking to the dead, and actually seeing them? Not everybody can handle that in their right mind. So what Klaus does is that he tries to keep himself high enough in order to not concentrate on dead people. 

In other words, Klaus is the only sibling with the most liberty. He really doesn't care what anybody thinks, and he doesn't care what anyone says about him. 

His siblings have grown fond of his drinking, and they are used to it. Infact, sometimes they drink with him. Some fans even claim they prefer a drunk Klaus to a sober one. Don't we all?

His powers are cooler than most 

Believe it or not, Klaus is one of the most powerful siblings in the series. I can't even imagine him being a villain, as that would be devastating. Not only can Klaus communicate with the dead, but he can also summon them to do his bidding. That's insane! 

In season one of the series, we saw very little amount of Klaus's abilities in action. Except of course when he summoned Ben to fight the troops in the season one finale. 

And in season two, we saw Klaus summon a bunch of dead soldiers to fight for him, as well as summoning his deceased brother Ben to fight alongside them once again. 

And then we discovered that not only can Klaus communicate with the dead, but they can also come to live through him. And in the season two finale, while he was falling, Klaus was yelling “Catch me, catch me", and we saw two dead spirits actually catching him before he could 
smash his face on the ground.

Probably even he didn't know he could summon other spirits apart from his brother. The season two was a wilder ride for Klaus, and the rest of the family as everything they have done in the 1960s, will evidently affect the present.

The show's director did claim that season two gave fans a better glimpse of their powers, as they are each still learning and discovering new lengths of their abilities. And as for Klaus, he might never be 100% sober, but most fans wouldn't want him to be. As they prefer him to be drunk, and keep being Klaus. 

Klaus does a lot of crazy stuff in the series, and most fans just love the fact that there is actually one sibling who never takes anything as serious as the rest do. 

The umbrella Academy has not yet been renewed for a season 3. But with the success of the second season, there's no doubt that fans would love to see more of the dysfunctional family, and their favourite addict, number 4.

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