Three Things To Checklist In Other To Live Less Worrisome

Hey readers! It's another week, and I'm about to slap some reality to your face whether you like it or not. But I'm also glad you're taking your valuable time to read this.

Ever wondered why, as humans, we never cease to worry? Have we always been so? Is life just an endless shit stream?

In this article, I'm going to be answering those questions and telling you how to live a less worrisome life. 

Now don't think that I'm going to be telling you how to become more productive or stop procrastinating, or some easy route or fast way to make money and prevent your worry. Nah, I don't do all of that motivational stuff here. 

But let me say this, if you want to become more productive, Get up from the couch and leave your comfort zone, then go out and contribute. Do you want to stop procrastinating? Just shut up and do whatever it is you need to do at that moment. Do you want to make money fast? Get a job.

1- Listen to people, but what they say should not determine how you are. Never. 

People are going to make you feel like garbage. No, worse than that. Even make you hate yourself at times, but you should never let it get to you.

Practice some self-control. I know some people deserve a brick in the face sometimes, but when you decide not to brick them, that's called being an adult and having some self-control.

And one of the exciting things about being an adult is that just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should.

Just because some dude is showing off his latest iPhone doesn't mean you also should buy an iPhone and show off. Just because all your friends have girlfriends doesn't mean you also need a girlfriend.

But hey, Just because someone else is making money doesn't mean you shouldn't make some money too. The point is, it's important that you listen to people. But whatever they say should not determine how you are. Never!

Sadhguru, an Indian yogi, mystic and author, once said: "Whichever way you judge me has absolutely no impact on me." 

He was talking about the habit of being blissed out. Where anybody can say what they want because you have not given this privilege to anybody, that somebody can make you happy, somebody can make you unhappy, and somebody can make you miserable. 

No, because whatever anybody says, has no impact on you. It's like being stoned, but without the influence of alcohol or any drug of some sort. 

2- Life is an endless series of problems.

You heard me right. I'm not crazy, but that's the just the sad truth. Nobody has a perfect life. Not me, not you, not even Bill gates has a perfect life. 

I mean even with all of that money which in turn gives him a bit of power over the less wealthy people who senselessly overvalue him and others like him.

No rich person or celebrity has a perfect life. It's what the media makes you think and how your mind interacts with it that makes you believe that once you have money, your life will turn out to be incredibly awesome and pain-free. 

But have you ever thought about what goes on in the lives of these rich people and celebrities other than what the media tells you about them? Or the fake smiles you see them smiling on social media?

No, you haven't. You don't even care to imagine or think of that, all you care about is yourself and how you're going to be like them. Have what they have, eat and drink what they eat and drink. 

Indeed, money is good, but there's a saying "If you were given much, much would be expected of you." If some of these rich people tell you what they had to go through to become rich, the struggle and pain, believe me, you'd quit trying to be like them and go back to your job as you were. 

That's one of the reasons why I believe that motivational speeches are a complete waste of time. Because sometimes we get to a point in life where we no longer need motivation. We need support. And a bunch of words aren't going to provide it.

Sure they have the money, and they have all the cars, the houses, the girls and whatsoever. But the point here is, don't do anything for the sole purpose of money. Because the money might come, but it'll drag along a ton of problems with it. 

Because you never to a point in your life where you don't have problems, you either solve that problem and await the next, or trade that problem for slightly better problems. 

And if that isn't enough to convince you that everybody has certain problems in life that money can't solve, then you need to dig deep into people's lives and find some hard truths.

Because you may not know this but, Life is essentially an endless series of problems. The solution to one problem is likely the creation of the next. Don't hope for a life without problems. Hope for a life full of good problems. 

That's Mark Manson's quote. And if that isn't one of the best quotes you've ever read in your quote collection, then I want some of the quotes you're reading.

But if you still believe money can solve your worries, well then you're going to love the particular article I wrote on How money can buy happiness and how it can also ruin your life.

3- Don't hope for better. Just be better. 

Be kind, even when it feels hard or impossible. Bad things will happen to all of us, something that’ll make you say to yourself that you’re not going to believe in God anymore. Or you’re not going to be kind to others anymore. 

But that’s life. Every day is a challenge. Whatever we desire, we have to fight and overcome that part of us that desires something we want but can’t get. 

The stoics made this clear. They told us to stop saying that “Life isn’t fair.” Those are words that only children and ignorant adult make use of. An intelligent person knows that nobody promised him or her that life was going to be fair. 

So don’t hope for things to get better, because they won’t. Only you can. Don’t hope for better, be better. When you’re better, your worries will be less, and you’ll start to see the essential things in life. 

And if you still choose to keep hoping that things will get better, well let me tell you this. “Things don’t get better, and they’re not going to. They’re only going to get worse until we’re no longer around to see just how bad it can get.” 

The earlier you come to realize and accept that fact, the better and less worrisome your life will be.

The problems don’t go away; they pave the way for new ones to come in. The world isn’t made for us to live in perfection and eternal harmony. 


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