No AdSense, No Problem! Here Are The Best AdSense Alternatives That Will Pay You To Run Ads On Your Website

Hey everyone! Welcome to a special edition of this week's article on self-help geek. This is probably our most important article for this month as it contains solutions to a problem which a lot of bloggers face today. And what's that? AdSense! Yeah, Google AdSense.

A lot of bloggers out there, other than simply wanting to share their ideas and thoughts with other people and help them, most bloggers also want to make money doing it. And to do that, your blog has to be verified by Google and approved for AdSense, and then you can start placing ads on your site and make money.

But what do you do when Google keeps rejecting your request due to insufficient traffic, plagiaristic contents, or maybe you're not using a custom domain. Well, in this article, I'm going to be giving you guys three alternatives to Google AdSense. These sites will pay you to run ads on your website without AdSense.

But before we dive in, let me affirm that the aim of this article is not to belittle or criticize Google AdSense in any way. We at self-help geek rank Google AdSense very high. Google AdSense remains the leading ad network in the world. This article is to help struggling bloggers who are facing challenges with Google AdSense.

Now, let's dive in.


Propeller remains one of the biggest and most used ad networks in the world. Their work on technology and innovation is astonishing. These guys help the world by inventing new tech almost every day. Propeller is a pretty great alternative for AdSense. They offer lots of advantages that most ad networks don't. You can go ahead and monetize your site traffic even if your readers have Ad-block turned on.

There's a chance that you can even make some extra cash from Propeller Ads than you could with Google AdSense. If the majority of your readers or Subscribers are using Android or iOS mobile phones, then you should be happy because Propeller offers a really good ad performance for mobile. 

Also, these guys are available worldwide. Whether you're Nigerian, South African, India, anywhere! You can help place their ads on your website and make money. 

The minimum Propeller gives out is $25. Another thing about them is that you can withdraw your money every week. While with Google AdSense, it's monthly. They have text ads as well, pop ads and other formats. Payment is made via PayPal, Skrill and lots of different options. You can also be paid in euros or dollars. 

These guys are highly recommended. Head over to their website to learn more and start earning. 

This is also another considerable monetization network where you can partner with them and make money placing their ads on your blog. They have over 210,000 publishers in over 130 countries who use their system to make money posting ads. That should give you an insight of just how big they are. They have display ads, contextual and even native. 

You won't have to be troubled about not getting paid or getting scammed etc. Because infolinks are trusted by mega-successful brands such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook and more. They make payment in 45 days. You can always request payment once you reach $50. 

They also pay via PayPal. But if you're in a country where PayPal isn't supported, you can get paid via Payoneer. Go ahead and check them out. They'll take about two hours to review your website, and if it's good enough to run their ads, they'll give you a thumbs up and tell you what to do next. You can sign up with them here.


This is also another good ad network. They ensure a more comfortable performance on mobile devices and often desktop. They're also not limited to certain countries, and it's worldwide. They offer tons of different ad formats from push-ups to pop ads, etc. 

They're trusted and legit. They pay their publishers via Web money, PayPal, and even Bitcoin. Sign up with them here.


If you have a stable blog with a decent flow of traffic and a probably a custom domain, there's no need to to be discouraged if Google AdSense rejects your request. Other than the three listed alternatives, there are dozens of other ad networks out there that you can research as well.

And they'll pay you to place their ads on your site. You can check out as well. We may not have listed them above, but that's because they've been down for some time. But they're almost just we good as Google AdSense. Help yourself by trying them out.

Most of these ads network love sites that get their traffic from the USA, but Propeller is amongst the few who really don't care and will pay you regardless of where your traffic comes from. You might just be surprised how you can make more money from these sites than you can with Google AdSense. 

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