My 3 Favourite Movies Of 2019

The year is over! And Frankly, there were a lot of really amazing movies that came out in 2019.

When I look back at the movies that were released this year, the most interesting thing I noticed was that most films now take a different route in production.

A lot of movies made up happy, some made us cry, or almost. And then they were movie reboots which disappointed us and some films just made us angry by being so terrible.

Well, after seeing tons of movies this year, only a few taught me plenty of lessons. So here they are.


Parasite is a South Korean comedic thriller about poverty, the contrast between those who are wealthy and those who live in poverty. The film tells about the injustice of inequality, at the same time avoiding the conventions of real-life social dramas. 

Not a lot of Korean movies can compare with this. This movie takes on a whole new perspective on how people who struggle with poverty live their life. 

If you haven't seen this movie, you must! It happens to be funny and horrific at the same time. 

Parasite teaches a valuable lesson to everyone who is struggling or anybody rich as well. I haven't enjoyed a Korean movie like this in a very long time. 

The ending of parasite is also one of the best endings I've ever seen in a movie. 

Parasite is thrilling, unpredictable, surprising and intense. 9/10


Alright, to be sincere, I was never a big fan of the joker. I rarely saw any joker movies back then, I only heard the name and knew he was the born enemy of Batman. But if you know Batman, you must know a bit about the joker as well. 

Then Warner Bros released this masterpiece. A lot of friends emailed me and asking me if I had seen this movie. I was not able to see it on its premiere date due to work and a few unexpected appointments.

To me, the joker is a cautionary tale of what can happen to us when we have too much empathy. 

The film intentionally sets out to dupe it's the audience, spending the first half making you sympathize and feel pity for Arthur, and then gently luring you into accepting or even applauding the maniacal violence that happens towards the end. 

Some people I saw the movie with were even clapping when Arthur senselessly began murdering people. 

The fact that the film can seduce much of its audience so wholly into becoming the exact thing that it warns against is a true sign of brilliant art. 8/10


My 3 Favourite Movies Of 2019

Incredible! The Irishman deals with a series of events that took place back in the 2000s, around the period of America's President Kennedy. 

The film showcases the life and period of Frank Sheeran; a second world war veteran turned hitman whose life changed after he stumbles upon a man named Russel.

When frank meets Russel buffalino, things began turning around as his life takes a dangerous turn into the world of high table powerful men.

Frank must adhere to be loyal, faithful to Russel while also trying to hide from his family his dark side. The Irishman is probably the longest 2019 movie as it has a runtime of 3hr 30mins. 

Feels like watching the Lord of the rings sequel all over again. Irishman is my favourite 2019 movie, and it's one of the best films you'll ever see. 

It's dull, boring, filled with old pops and grannies, but behind all that, there's a captivating and intense story, drama, events and happenings that will keep you glued to the story.

The Irishman gets a rating of 10/10.


Well, guys, these are the three movies that taught me a lesson in 2019 and are also the best movies for me that year. Of course, there were others, but long story cut short, I didn't want to go past these three. 

Also, I'm not a witch, which means I didn't see all the movies in 2019. So go ahead and let me know a movie that taught you a lesson in 2019 that I missed out on in the comment box. Cheers! 

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