How To Write A Blog Post That People Are Actually Going To Read

How To Write A Blog Post That People Are Actually Going To Read

Blogging is popular, way more popular than it was 10-20 years ago. Everyone's doing it, and you're probably already doing it yourself. But you know what? Compared to five, ten years ago, blogging has become so common that people don't even read all the blog posts nowadays.

Seven out of ten people will read your blog title or headline, but only two out of ten will click through and read your article. That alone shows that people today are desensitized to blog posts, and they're not reading them.

So if you're going to write a blog post, and you want people to read them, there are a few things you need to know.

1- Write With The Words ‘You' & ‘I'

How To Write A Blog Post That People Are Actually Going To Read

If you rarely use the words you and I or you don’t include them in your articles at all, people aren’t going to feel that it’s a conversation. And if they don’t feel that it’s a conversation, they’re going to think of it as some college lecture.

Then they’re going to leave. When you’re more conversational with people, they are more likely to engage with your content, read it and likely respond.

2- Don’t Use Long Paragraphs

Your paragraphs shouldn’t be more than five or six lines. The moment they’re more than that, then it just becomes overwhelming. People today don’t want to go through all that. 

Your paragraphs can even be as little as three or even two lines. If you’ve noticed, my paragraphs seldom go beyond four or five. Sometimes I also use a one-line paragraph.

3- Use Sub-headings

How To Write A Blog Post That People Are Actually Going To Read

Sub-headings are important. They break down sections within any of your blog posts, so it makes it easier to go through. Without subheadings, people won’t be able to get the main gist of your article without actually reading the whole thing. 

Which means you’re likely going to have fewer people reading your content. Through sub-headings, people can go down to the exact section of that article that they’re interested in and read that area. 

4- Use Conclusions In Your Blog Posts

Try to use conclusions in your blog posts. It’s not necessary for every article you write, but it’s highly recommended. And sometimes you may even want to label that conclusion as “conclusion.”

Some people scroll down, read your conclusion, to know what your content is about and decide if they want to scroll back up and read the rest. I know, it sounds weird, but some people do that. 

How To Write A Blog Post That People Are Actually Going To Read

It's like a reader's pattern. When they're scrolling through your blog, they go down, read your conclusion, then go back up.

5- Always Get Your Facts Right

When you write your blog posts, make sure you cite your information if it's not original. If you're using a quote from a book you read, cite the quote and probably write down where you took it and who originated it. 

Don't just come up with facts and data without citing it or them. If you do that, most smart readers will detect it, and they'll leave your site and never come back. 

6- Use Photos!!!

How To Write A Blog Post That People Are Actually Going To Read

As they say, "A picture says a thousand words." Using photos is one of the most important features in article writing. Sometimes I even use as much as ten photos in a single post. Nobody just wants to read words.

So, if you're using certain graphics and fresh images to explain the message that you're trying to convey, people are much more likely to read, and most people will stick around afterwards.

7- Make Sure Your Article Is Empowering & Actionable

Your articles should be either empowering, informative, or educative. Thoroughly. If someone reads your article, and they're like, "whoa, cool, I'm gonna do something now that I've read this."

Sometimes they'll be like, "Amazing! I should keep reading this content." They're going to keep reading because your content is adding value to their lives.


Indeed, there are other ways to write contents that people will read, such as using a catchy title, trending topic etc. But if you follow the above tactics, you're going to create blog posts that people want to read. 

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