How To Introduce Yourself To Others

“Hey man! This is Isa Muh'd, long time no see, how have you been? Gimme a high five! Yay!"  NO.

That is not how you introduce yourself in a business setting or professionally. Perhaps with your college or high school buddy, that's fine. 

But professionally, it's not, because you never get a second chance to make a first impression, a very good first impression. 

Sometimes you attend business meetings, functions and even networking events and you see some entrepreneurs and business owners who are professionals, they get to meet people. 

Vert often it's a bit awkward. But sometimes, some of them don't even know how to do the proper handshake. They simply walk up to people, perhaps not that extreme. But sometimes they're not very well-equipped with exactly what to say.

So, in this article I'm gonna give you some tips for when you meet someone, how do you make that first impression a good one?

How do you introduce yourself or, in some cases you might not be alone, you might have someone with you, so how do you introduce others? Perhaps you want to introduce this person to that person.

The proper way to do that, in a business or formal setting is, when you meet someone, like a stranger, someone you just met, you should not be overly excited. 

You don't want to be overly eager. Like for instance, you meet someone, and you say to them, “hey! It's so nice to meet you!" And you're shaking their hands with a big grin on your face, you're super excited. You shouldn't do that. 

What you should do is to be nice and calm. You want to be a professional. If you happen to be an introvert and you're meeting someone, take your time, slow down, and just say, “hey." 

Here's a very simple way of introducing yourself. Over the years I've noticed that a lot of people, when they introduce their name, they sort of rush it. Especially if their names are difficult to pronounce. So don't rush it and then people end up not understanding.

Most people won't remember your name. So when you want to do it, say, “Hi, my name is... Take your time and then you say your name. So, my name is Isa Muh'd. And from there, you bring out your hand and have a firm handshake. 

Sometimes you can even decide to give a little pat on the arm of the person you're shaking. Just to be a tiny bit more intimate. You wanna build that connection. “My name is Isa Muh'd, it's a pleasure meeting you." Very simple.

Although, you have to practice it. You've got to be practicing the timing of it. Those first few words, that's how you make a good first impression. As simple as that. 

And from there you might transition that into a second question. “Hi, my name is Isa Muh'd. Very nice to meet you. What brought you to this event? Or program? Or seminar?" You can ask them anything. 

And from there you can have a dialogue, you can get to understand more of what they do, how you can add value, what kind of business are they in, just go from there. And be sure to make eye contact. 

Don't introduce yourself to others and be staring at the floor. It'll feel like you're hiding something. What you wanna do is look them in the eyes and be confident about it. 

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