How To Get Over The Fear Of Public Speaking

Public speaking can be scary, not all of us are born to have the natural tendency of being able to stand in front of hundreds or thousands of people and give a speech or make a presentation. 

Infact, research shows that public speaking is amongst the top 5 things humans fear the most. Well, it's true. A lot of people cannot handle the pressure of speaking of public. 

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In this article, we're gonna be giving you helpful tips on how you can overcome the fear of public speaking. 

For instance, let's say when you have to do a presentation. It can be very funny and you may not know this but when you get up there, when you stand up there on the podium, your body experiences a kind of fear and anxiety just for standing up there.

Also, perhaps you're scared of the audience. Which is quite absurd of course, but what happens is that there's a kind of basic instinct from which the level of adrenaline in your body is going to augment. 

It's gonna get higher so all of the energy is going to your feet and to your hands, because your body is getting ready to run away, to flee the scene or to fight. But surely you don't have to run away, you can't run away and you certainly don't have to fight the audience. 

So how do you overcome this? You have to tell your body, “not to run and not to fight." It can be very easy. You just have to let your feet walk around a bit. Walk around the stage or podium during a presentation or even before a presentation. 

You can just easily walk around and communicate with your body that it's okay, you don't have to run. Same thing goes for your hands, your hands don't have to fight. You can just shake them a few times, like when wrestlers are about to wrestle and they just sorta shake their hands a bit. 

That's a way of telling your body it's okay, that you don't need any adrenaline in your hands, instead, you need it in my head. So you don't need to run off the stage and you most certainly don't have to fight. That way you can control your body during a pubic speaking. 

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