How To Avoid Writer's Block

How To Avoid Writer's Block

Writer's block is arguably the number one problem writers face. If you're blogging on a regular basis, what's going to happen? Well, you'll get more traffic and you'll rank, that's great, but what's worse is, eventually you're going to run out of topics to write on.

But not to worry, in this article I'm gonna be giving you some really important tips on how to avoid running out of topics. 

If you're not sure on what to write on, and you're just getting lost, here are two things you can do. 


The first thing you wanna do is go to Buzzsumo and put in a keyword. Any keyword at all that is within your industry or niche.

Let's say your site is about entertainment such as movies, music, celebrities and so on. So you put in a keyword like Movies or Avengers or Better call Saul. Buzzsumo will then bring up all the popular posts within that keyword.

It will bring up the contents that people love and then sort of base them on the most social shares. Obviously the ones that people love the most is the one that gets the most shares.

Buzzsumo page

That's one of the ways you can avoid writers block and even get more traffic on your blog. Just simply look at what's trending and write a different or even better versions of those posts. 

For instance, if someone writes 5 or 10 ways to download movies, all you have to do is write a more detailed content. Yours can be something like, 10 to 15 ways to download movies for free. Just being more detailed that's all.

It's a great way to keep going and cranks out new information that people still love, because if a certain article did well on someone else's site, chances are it will do well on your site as long as you're in the same industry. 

Step 2- QUORA

How To Avoid Writer's Block

The second step is to head to Quora. Quora is a place where people ask any question they might have on anything at all and other people will answer. Not many people know this but Quora is one of the best places to learn new things. 

I might even say rather than asking Google and just get random results, you can head to Quora and get instant responses to your questions from real people. 

So when you go to Quora, type in a keyword within your niche, you'll see a list of questions that people have. The most popular ones are common questions. 

So if you take those questions and you write blog posts around them and you create really educative and informative content, that not only answers the question, but it answers it better than anyone else's.

That way you're going to have a lot of content. So much that you're gonna have lots of ideas that you won't have writer's block again. You'll realize that people ask crazy questions and they are dying to get answers. So why not write an article about it?

And if you use the Quora idea, you can go look up all the people who responded to that question and you can even take your blog post link, copy and paste it as a response as well. 

I do that a lot and it helped me generate hundreds and thousands of views on my site everyday. You're not actually writing unique content just for Quora, you're actually taking your blog content and sort of repurposing it on Quora. 


There are lots of ways you can avoid Writer's Block, like hundreds, but the above two are the most effective for me. 

So, not only did I give you two ways to avoid Writer's Block, I also just taught you how to generate more traffic using Quora.


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