Here's Why Other People Don't Support You And How You Can Motivate Yourself

A lot of people out there often go to far extents in search for motivation. Some people find it in others, some find it in certain books, and some people even find motivation in a bunch of quotes.

But when are you gonna sit down and ask yourself, “how do I motivate myself?" Or “how can I make myself a source of motivation for others?" Without quotes, books or anything else, how do you motivate myself?

Here's the thing. Sometimes you might have this crazy and insane idea in your head. It could be about a business, hubby, or something else entirely. But unfortunately, others won't believe in that idea, they won't wanna go with it or even offer you support.

Some of them might even call your idea crazy and that you shouldn't do that. So how do you motivate yourself when nobody else believes in you?

Okay, so first things first. You gotta hustle. I mean that. You gotta go out there and work hard. You gotta lay your head down, you gotta know what you want and where you're going. 

Now stop right there, I know you've heard all that countless times before. I'm not gonna give you some inspiring crap. So here's the truth. If you need someone or something to motivate you, then you're not gonna be motivated.

The thing with high performance people is that they are self motivated. A lot of people out there, they're looking for their family, waiting and expecting their support. 

And they use that as a silly excuse and always come up with stuff like: “My wife, my husband, they don't support me. My parents don't support me, even my kids don't support me."

Well guess what, do not expect their support. You have to learn to be alone without being lonely. That's just it. 

One of the major things that holds most people back is not the how to, it's not the I don't know what to do, it's not even the business idea, but it's the simple fact that they cannot operate ON THEIR OWN. 

They're unable to self motivate themselves. At the same time still craving to get permission from the people around them. 

They often say to those people: “Don't you know that I'm doing this for you?" “How come you guys don't support me?" “I just don't get it, I want to make more money, I wanna be successful to make our lives better." “How come they don't understand?"

Reality check, most of the time, they will never understand. You're expecting something that isn't going to happen. That's what is holding you back. You're expecting them to give you permission.

So why don't they offer you support?

First of all, they don't understand. Secondly, many of us, we grew up in the miseducational system. We were taught to behave a certain way. Go to school, get good grades and follow a certain path. Get a degree, get a job, work till you're 60. That's what your life should be.

So one of the reasons they don't offer you support is because anything that deviates from the above, anything that's not the traditional path, then they don't see it as normal, they say it's stupid. They say it's dangerous, it's wrong, it's silly. 

They'll say you shouldn't do that, you shouldn't do this. The minute you want to walk a different path, those around you, your loved ones, your friends, they feel like you're weird. “How come you can't just do what everybody else is doing, just settle, don't take risks, just be normal."

And the more you deviate from the traditional path, the more they feel like you're leaving them. The bigger the distance between you and them. They become afraid of losing you most of the times. They're afraid that you'll leave them behind. That's why you don't have their support. 

And all those you call your buddies, your little circle of friends, do you really think they want you to be mega successful? To live their dream? To travel, to live in that beautiful mansion, to drive exotic cars that they could never afford? 

Do you really think they want you to be that successful? While they're living miserably from debt to debt? Hell no!

Most of the times they might say, “oh yeah, keep going bro! Atta girl! Never give up, we're with you, you have our support, congratulations man, I'm happy for you."

Most of the time, they're gonna say random stuffs like that to your face, but deep down, there's envy, jealousy and lower self. You can't blame em, it's human nature. So what I'm saying is, don't ever expect support from others. You're wasting your time. 

Motivate Yourself

Do what you think is right, do what you believe is right. You walk your own path. They might see it, they might not see it, but don't expect them to see it. It's your life, not theirs. You just do what you know you need to do. 

So if you need someone to motivate you, you're not going to be successful. I don't need anyone to motivate me. I don't even need people to understand me. I understand me! I motivate me! 

You want to be motivated and yet you can't even get off the damn bed and wake up early to do what it takes, and you want to be successful? You want to stand out? None of that is gonna happen unless you're self motivated. 

You gotta be able to demand more from yourself than anybody else could. So don't sit and wait till you're ready or till you've been given support. Just do it. 


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  1. You are right, I have experience this countless time. I hear my love ones say they are going to support me at all course. Only to discover that my vision does not align with there desire for me. For that reason I have decided to just believe in myself do what i know is right for me because if I fail today. I will be the only one to be blamed for my failure.

  2. You took the right step! Keep believing in yourself! 👍

  3. Yeah, this is totally right. Often a lot of friends make it look like they support me in something. But they usually don't. Sometimes my loved ones too.