10 Habits That Will Greatly Improve Your Life

In the ocean of habits that could enhance your life, only a few of them stand out from the rest and give you an edge in life. I've written an article in the past about the 5 Fundamental Habits.

You could go through that later as it is also a piece worth reading. So in today's article, I'm gonna share with you the 10 Habits that will improve your life almost instantly, as long as you actually do them.

1- Wake up early
I know, this is an obvious one and you've probably heard motivational speakers and Successful people say it over and over. Well, they're not wrong. The moment you step outside and let the daily momentum kick in, you slowly reduce the control over how your day pans out.

That control is difficult to regain later in the day. These why it's essential to wake up early and put to use the first couple of hours so that you can take control over your state of mind and body. 

In those few hours, you'll kick-start the day in a way that it best suits you.

2- Meditate
Most people don't do this, even I wasn't doing it a few months ago. Until I really saw it effects. We live in a world where everything is designed to steal your attention (including this article you're reading), and that makes it challenging to find a peaceful moment just for yourself.

And these moments are necessary if you're going to keep clarity and calmness of your mind. That's why you need to find a few minutes a day, preferably earlier in the day, and create a grounding effect that will help you center yourself and help you refocus on what's important. If nothing, then just breath and calm your thoughts.

3- Get continuous rest
When you've worked in a high capacity for a long period of time, it can exhaust anyone. And if you aren't getting proper amount of rest, your body will crash and it will have consequences on everything you do. 

That's why it makes a lot of sense to have this habit on this list. Now I'm not saying that you should sleep for 10 hours every night or to wake up at a specific hour every morning, No. That's entirely up to you, really.

Instead, what I'm telling you is to find the right time to go to bed and the right time to wake up. So you can get enough rest, remain healthy and feel energized to start another day.

4- Interact with high achievers

There is no force on the planet that will impact your life as much as the people you choose to associate with. If you spend time with high achievers who are on their own mission and pursuing their own ambitions, you will be encouraged to do the same. 

If you spend time with low quality people who waste their days glued to a screen, watching Netflix or an endless stream of porn, and mumbling their lives with drugs and alcohol, they will pull you down to their level and keep you there for as long as they can. 

So, if you are the most active person in the room, then you're in the wrong room. Look for people that are doing something incredible and positive with their lives and learn from them. 

Even interacting with people who are driven and are accomplishing something in their life will serve as an inspiration. Seeing them will compell and motivate you to take action as well.

5- Eat healthy and exercise
The sedentary lifestyle is slowly killing us, and we are not even noticing it. You need to make a deal with yourself that no matter what happens in your life, health comes first. Which means that you need to take care of yourself first before you engage in anything else. 

6- Acquire new skills
You should known that your goals dictate what you need to learn. You should never randomly acquire skills. Don't learn what you don't read. Don't learn how to play soccer if you don't want to be a professional soccer player. 

Don't take writing courses if you don't want to be a writer. Try to learn the skills that will help you achieve your goals, no matter in what area of your life.

Know that every skill you acquire will not be beneficial on its own but will gather up along with every other skill you've acquired earlier and you will put them to use and start moving forward.

7- Read

Reading, no matter the genre, lights up creativity and unleashes your imagination. The reason for this is because every new idea a book can offer (no matter how small it may seem) interacts with the certain knowledge you already have. 

So, whenever you open a book, look for just one idea, and see how you can apply it in your everyday life. No book has to make 100% sense. No Author is perfect. All you need from a book is a single idea that could impact your life.

8- Focus on high leverage activities

Not all things you do will give you a high return on investment. Your time is very valuable, and you should be careful where and how you're allocating it. 

Whenever in doubt, look at your plan and ask yourself: what are the 20% of activities that will yield the 80% of the results? And then go ahead and do it. 

9- Plan
It's very easy to get swept away with the dynamic environment we live in. Due to this, you need to plan constantly pull yourself back and plan out how you want your life to unfold instead of letting the external circumstances do it for you. 

Execution is really what matters, but this depends solely on your ability to plan and follow through on that plan.

10- Reflect and evaluation
Time is passing by faster than ever because we now have more things that pre-occupy us. This makes it challenging to take a break to reflect and evaluate how our lives are turning out. 

So, just before you go to bed, give yourself a goal to evaluate your day and what can be improved the next day. Not only this but every couple of months, you should take a day or two to evaluate your plan. 

To see what delivers results and what needs to be cut out. Then gently adapt to your plan and don't be afraid to pivot if necessary.

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