How To Convince Others

How To Convince Others

We all sometimes get to that point in our lives when we often wish we could get others to agree to everything we say. Perhaps they've become too annoying and you can't stand them anymore. 

Maybe you have this cool new business idea and you cannot wait to get it out there only for the one you plan on asking for a loan doesn't seem to believe in your idea or you're just simply not convincing them enough.

Either way, in this post we're gonna be given you a few steps on how to convince others. The power of persuasion. First of all, you need to do a scanning. A scanning of the person you want to convince. 

How to convince others

SMILE -  You're not gonna be able to convince someone if you come at them looking like you wanna punch them in the face. No, people don't like that. If you wanna convince someone, you have to put on a little smile when you approach them.

Especially if you're convincing them to approve of something you really want. If you're convincing someone to get something beneficial, you got to smile, you have to be open and look positive to be able to convince others. 

CONNECT - You need to truly communicate. You have to be in the here and now. In a hundred per cent emphasis, you need to communicate with people. And it is really important to concentrate on that. And when you're concentrated, or not, people can feel that.

We have 40 to 50,000 thoughts a day. Just 5 percent of those thoughts are in the present. So you have to be among those five per cent to connect. 

ACECEPT - You need to acknowledge the person's point of view that you want to persuade. And if you can recognize that, then you can adapt it. 

When you are only able to express your point of view, and not bother to adjust and consider what the other person's point of view is, you won't succeed in persuading them.

NEEDS - You need to view the other person's needs and identify and appreciate them. And note, if people don't have the right to their own opinion, they'll be opposing your choice because it's not a similar hundred.

If you follow these four basic steps, you are likely to succeed in convincing others. 

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