How To Be Yourself, Not Anybody Else

Life is too short to be something that you are not, so just be yourself! Sounds easy, doesn't it? Yet in a world where almost every move and reaction is driven by social media, it's all too tempting to change yourself to suit the latest trend.

Forget the #FOMO! We are not afraid to miss out on it, instead we have a strong fear of not fitting in! It is high time #FONFI was let out. Let me clarify why below.

Recently, I ran over an anonymous statement that stated, "At long last, individuals will judge you in any case, so don't carry on with your life impressing others—carry on with your life by impressing yourself.

It truly is so evident, particularly in our hyper-associated world where actually all that you put out there is "open game" for cruel judgment from all edges of the world.

At some point, you start to think that something really is wrong with you, something that needs to change. I mean, why else would your crazy cool new outfit get no Instagram likes or your incredibly witty Tweet doesn't get any retweets?

Don't allow other to stop you from being you.

Researchers at Inderscience Publishers actually performed a study into the public impact of "influencers." They found that while "most people form an opinion on a given subject they are exposed to the opinions of opinion leaders," the mass media influences those leaders in turn. 

The influencers literally have their own powers!

Also, bear in mind that for every 50k likes and for any tweet with 5k retweets which essentially means the very same thing has fallen flat yet. There's a million more going quick nowhere for every Instagram picture of a smoothie which gets 50K likes. 

And there are a billion more boring ones for every brilliant idea that your best friend shares on Facebook that she never shared.

Of course, social media isn’t to blame for our deep desire to fit in. We’ve acted this way long before the first tweet, pin, or status ever went up. 

I’m willing to bet that even the Neanderthals based their personality around what the hippest caveman (or woman, of course) was doing! The world has always been full of leaders and followers, of sheep and shepherds since before our time.

Don't worry about what others think.

I mean, that would kind of defeat the purpose of this entire post, right? No, here’s where I tell you to be what you want to be. Period. End of sentence.  But here's the thing, If you want to track the latest trends and (really or metaphorically speaking) keep up with the Kardashians, go for it. 

There's nothing wrong with joining the herd. If you want to be a leader, and with your wit and style control the masses, do so. Put yourself there, set the trends and let nobody stop you.

But there's a third option. The flock split down. Do your own thing and be your own. Not that it's trendy "just do you" or you want to please people with your funny "just be yourself" memes. 

Not that you think that if you march to the sound of your own drum, you'll come off as more edgy. Of course not because an internet stranger asked you to. If those are the motives, you're just a sheep wrapped in the clothes of wolves.

Do it because you know it is always the only way to be true to yourself. Place your own rules. Set your own style. Never let someone make you feel as if you are not measuring up. As Judy Garland once said, "Be always a first-rate version of yourself, and not someone else's second-rate version."


Really, life is just too short to be anybody else, so just be yourself. Leave the acting for the actors and actresses. At least they're getting paid for it!


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