5 High Income Skills You Should Learn During This Lockdown

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, literally the whole world has been on lockdown. We have no choice. We are all stuck at home, indoors. Which means that you and I have a lot of free time on our hands.

Now you can choose to waste that free time being unproductive and lazy, or you can choose to help yourself, invest that time and become productive. And personally I believe that one of the most productive things you can do right now is to learn a skillset.

Because believe me when this is all over, and it will, it's just a matter of time before the world starts spinning again. The economy starts to flow again, import and export resumes, trade, businesses, are all going to continue. So what are you going to do when things get back to normal?

Maybe you're just a little bit concerned about the whole thing. Maybe you lost your job. But when things get back to normal, you're gonna need a new job, you're gonna have to go back out there. But will you be ready? Will you be prepared? 

Things are very much different now. Industries have changed, even the world has changed. So will you be ready to chase after new opportunities? In this lockdown, I believe the most precious and most valuable skills you can develop, the ones you can learn, should meet these three criteria:

1- A skill that will have an immediate impact on your life

Learn a skill that will have an immediate impact on your life, business, and your career. Don't learn a skill that will take years to see any progress or results. But learn a skill that you can learn right now and you could implement. Learn something practical. 

2- Shouldn't take you years to learn

Surely you wouldn't want to go back to college for another four years to learn something. So whatever you're learning, it has to be something that you could learn in a matter of months, weeks, or even a few days. 

3- Learn from the comfort of your home

In this period of lockdown, you don't need to go anywhere to learn anything. So if you're learning a skill, it has to be something you are able to learn from your comfort zone. You could learn it at home with your smartphone or computer, just from home. 

These are the top three criteria you should be sure that whatever you're learning falls under. Also, you should learn at your own pace, if you wanna go all in and binge watch the entire tutorial videos at once, you can. Or you can choose to learn from time to time, over a period of days or weeks. 

Now that we're past the criteria,

Here are the 5 High Income skills you should learn during this lockdown.


Programmers, developers, software engineers, coders, they will always be in high demand. Especially with the pandemic. After this is over, think about the companies that make it. Not the ones who couldn't make it. Think about the companies that survive. What would you do otherwise if you were a business owner?

Are you going to just take what you do and automate different aspects of your business, virtualize different aspects of your business? Perhaps you even shut down completely your tangible locations and just do everything online. 

Things have changed, people have learned. Business owners have learned. So they will structure their business differently, even you will structure your life differently after the Convid-19 crisis. We've learned from it. What Convid-19 did is to accelerate that process, it's like a trigger. 

So what this means is, those who know how to code CSS, HTML, PHP, they will be in high demand. So if you have even a slight interest or you're just thinking about it, then coding is an extremely valuable skill to learn. 


This is yet another very important skill that you can learn right now. Because more businesses, more companies, if they've been running some business online, if they've been making sales online, now, after the coronavirus has been defeated, they're going to be even more motivated. 

Before it was nice to sell a bunch of stuff online, to sell on social media. Now, it becomes a major necessity. It becomes the new normal. Businesses who have always been running their business offline, well now they'll say to themselves, “oh my goodness, if we get through this crisis, we must change. We must restructure our entire business model." 

So that is what's going to happen. How can you take what you do, and do it online? How can you sell it on the internet? So if you know how to generate traffic, how to build websites, or Funnel or media bay, all these skill-sets will be in high demand when things get back to normal. 

Sometimes when I ask people what they understand by closing, they think it's closing the door, or closing their laptop. Well in the finance and business world, closing is an entirely different term. The ability to close products or services, to be able to sell them over the phone or the internet.

These are very valuable skills. With the coronavirus pandemic, companies are now looking deeper into their entire sales division. “How do we sell products or services on the phone without a gigantic overhead?" They're thinking differently. 

So if you have the ability to close, to persuade people to buy products and services, companies are utmost willing to pay you a large commission when you can demonstrate or show that quality. Closing is one of the highest demand professions in the world because companies will always need revenue. 

They need people, they need sales, they need skillful sales people, and they're going to need it more than ever. Especially when things get back to normal. 


The movies you watch, the scripts, the synopsis, even the donation letter that is asking you to donate money. Every single thing in you life, everywhere is copy! Copywriting is a multi-trillion dollar industry and yet most people don't even know that this profession exists. 

Everyone goes to school and say they wanna become a lawyer,
accountant, engineer, etc. But people don't know about copywriting. Every social media post, every email, every landing page, is Copywriting. 

Companies that execute any type of content marketing, any sort of Advertising, they need copywriters, and they're always going to need copywriters. They will need someone to write up their social media posts, emails, landing pages that will bring sales. 

Almost every company out there is going to need a talented copywriter. And the good thing about Copywriting is, it doesn't have to do with writing. You don't have to be perfect in English, or be an author. Copywriting has to do with selling and closing. Persuading prospects to buy. That's why it's often called, closing in print. 

Copywriting is learnable, sustainable, transferable and it is doable. 


This skill generates a new market for project managers with so many projects going on. Individuals who can handle various tasks and get things done. With the difficulty, with more and more businesses switching to mobile and virtual. 

Guess what, with project managers, or even people with project management experience, it doesn't matter what you're doing, it doesn't matter if you're working for a corporation or working for yourself, it's going to be a very valuable skill to have. 


You can pick any one of these five skills from the list and start learning it. Don't go crazy by trying to learn all five of them. Start small, pick one and improve yourself. Stay home, stay safe, learn a skill. 

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