Humans Suck, Try To Suck Less

Hey everyone! It's another week and it's my first post of the 2020. Today I'm gonna tell you how people suck, and why you should suck less. I'm labeling this approach as an approach based on not what feels good. But rather on what feels bad.

Whereas a lot of us believe that we're all wonderful and destined for greatness, this approach admits that we're all kind of shitty and we should come to terms with that. 

While some of us believe that we're inherently amazing and talented, and can let our shit shine and heal the world, this approach recognizes that humans are deeply flawed and fucked up creatures.

How we suck.
Humans suck in a lot of ways, seriously. You can suck simply by just staring at me suspiciously. We suck by making the wrong assumptions about others, or treating others how we wouldn't treat ourselves. 

We all do this, at some point in your life, you've overestimated your own importance while underestimating the importance of others. You've been deeply biased towards your own desires and the groups you identify with, while being deeply biased against the desires and groups of others.

I came across some horrible shit on Facebook yesterday where someone wrapped a baby in a leather sack and dumped them in a bin. 

Who the hell does that? Passerbys heard the sound of a baby crying and we're wondering where it was coming from and suddenly it was from a fucking dumpster.

If you can't take care of a child, why have one? If it happened unknowingly, that's understandable. But have the conscience of dropping the child off at a holy home, orphanage or some foster home, not the dumpster and not tied up in leather where he can't breath. Seriously. 

Whatever it is you're going through right now, others have been through worse, and others are going through worse. Our desires are often self serving and based on entitlement. 

We overestimate what will make us happy and foolishly over-value others who have what we want. We are status and attention obsessed. 

And when someone disagrees with us, we are more prone to judge their character as bad rather than their ideas. Humans suck, there's no greatness lying dormant here. Just a bunch of selfish impulses and desperation.

None of us are innocent

When it comes to ethics, none of us are innocent. Studies show that pretty much all of us will lie, cheat, or steal if we believe we can get away with it. Sit with yourself and you will likely realize this is true. 

You have lied and cheated and possibly even stolen or committed violence. Chances are, when you’ve done this, you’ve felt justified. That’s because we rationalize our own bad behavior while judging and condemning the same behavior in others.

Why are we like this? Our psyche didn’t evolve for truth or  compassion, it evolved for survival. Positive self development encourages you to be more human, be more emotional, indulgent, and focused on yourself. 

This negative approach demands that you evolve beyond what makes you human. That you fight against your natural prejudices, that you question your most deeply-worn beliefs, that you remain resilient in the face of our inevitable difficulties and failures.

Humans suck. Work on sucking less.

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