Why You Shouldn't Make Assumptions

Most people today are making certain assumptions not based on what is true, but on what they believe is right or what makes them look good. Sometimes we make these assumptions about others, and we're not even aware. Making wrong assumptions can happen to the best of us. But don't worry, it's a normal human thing, and you can get rid of it. Or at least be better at making good assumptions.

When I was young, I made several assumptions on several people. Hell, including my pop. I'd always assume that he was aware of how thankful I was whenever he does something for my benefit. So I wouldn't say the words 'Thank you'. I'd acknowledge and walk away like a dummy.

Frankly, in my heart, I appreciated it and was very thankful, but I never said those words of appreciation to him. It was an attitude I had developed at some point in my life. I wasn't always like that. One day he confronted me about it, and I just stood there, bemused. I listened and realized my mistake. It was assumption. I had assumed he knew I was thankful, but I never really said: "thank you".

The irony is that assumptions can be sneaky and misleading. One assumption leads to the next and the next and the next. Because due to our human biases, we have all formed certain assumptions about others without really knowing their story. Even the most intelligent and open-minded people make judgements about others.

If we see an obese person, we might think that they're lazy. If we see a homeless person, we might think they're on drugs or something. If we see a person with tattoos and piercings, we might think they're a criminal, or if we see a person that looks a certain way, we may get uncomfortable and want to avoid them.

Many times we're not aware of these judgements that we're making because they happen subconsciously. Such as how far we stand from someone whether we make eye contact, speak to them or see them as a threat. But it's really important to be aware of these judgements because, in reality, they say more about who we are than who the other person is.

That obese person may be one of the hardest workers out there. That homeless person may have never used a drug in their life. That person with tattoos may be one of the kindest people, and that person you're trying to avoid may be the biggest blessing of your life.

One of the primary reason we make assumptions about others is that we all overestimate our importance, and at the same time, we underestimate the importance of others. Conversely, we rationalize our bad behaviour while judging and condemning the same behaviours in others.

Assume less! Be more certain!

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